In a few days America will decide whether we go the route of Socialism, Marxism, Communism and become another Venezuela or we get out of our chairs, go to the polls and vote for freedom.

What the left proposes and Joe Biden must deliver for his Democrat masters are higher taxes, gun confiscation, defunding police, open borders, ICE abolishment and the Green New Deal, just to name a few.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see what is happening to our country. In the America I grew up in we honored and saluted the flag, revered our history, fought for our country, got a good education, worked hard, raised honorable children and worshiped our God. What is happening today with the riots, looting and terrorism bares no semblance to the America of my lifetime.

I’m not certain we can find our way back from this abyss, but I do know there is only one person who can lead and return us to sanity, and that is Donald Trump. He said it well in that car crash masquerading as a presidential debate; he, Trump, accomplished more in 47 minutes in office than Biden did in 47 years in government! For the first time in years I’m going to go to the polls, vote in person and watch that ballot go into the machine. It’s important that on election night it be crystal clear who won. God bless America.