2022 and another election season is looming. As a conservative voter, I am mindful of certain things. Among them is the conviction that winning is not filling seats with Republicans. Winning is only getting the passed legislation and policies that we want and expect.

It isn’t too important what individuals in a party do. What is important is what they all do, unified as a party, when in office. We must be very certain that the only persons who attain positions of leadership in the party and in the legislature are persons who are absolutely committed to getting the work done which their party and its candidates speak of as necessary, for that is how we decide who to elect. We cannot expect to win legislation and policy with any players, purportedly on one side, who act in support of another.

The fact is, whether in U.S. congress or Arizona legislature, if the leaders don’t want it, it isn’t going to get done. The actions of the leaders, placed there by the larger party, speak for what the party leadership wants. Their actions reveal who they in fact represent. We must be certain that it is only we, the people, who they represent.