My fellow citizens, can you picture Fountain Hills in 2030? Flying cars? Probably not. But most of us who love our town will confidently predict that Fountain Hills will be an excellent place to live in 2030.

How do we get there? Some citizens say that “the future takes care of itself.” But, in the 21st Century, common wisdom does not provide much of a roadmap. A more specific directive is needed to guide the mayor, Town Council, the town’s administrative employees and various civic commissions and committees.

In Arizona, the fundamental document that defines the goals and aspirations of each city and town is the General Plan. State government requires that cities and towns must reconsider/revise their General Plans in 10-year planning cycles (Rev. Stat. 9-461.05). Thus, state law drives a healthy process that requires communities to invest time, energy and resources to redraw their roadmaps. The General Plan is the GPS that will guide Fountain Hills to the best future that we can build.

The Fountain Hills General Plan 2020 provides the framework for community planning and thoughtful evolution. The process to rewrite/update our General Plan started in January 2019. Throughout this effort, the emphasis has been on transparency and maximum community input.

Your votes make you the final decision makers regarding the 2020 General Plan. I support a yes vote. I urge my fellow citizens to review the plan (, read the background information and direct any questions to one of your Town Council members or to the mayor’s office; their phone numbers are listed on the town’s website. An excellent place to start is the “Information Pamphlet for the Special Election November 3. 2020.” A copy of the Information Pamphlet has been mailed to all registered voters (by residence) in Fountain Hills