I sat for 15 minutes looking at our great fountain. Hard to do nothing except look at anything for 15 minutes and just let your mind go. No food, drinks, conversation. Just watch and absorb the fountain.

Warm day with a slight, swirling summer breeze. What can you learn from the fountain?

The breeze was from the Four Peaks direction, toward my face. All white mist searching for the water below. A little fine mist settled on my face. Felt great.

A dove landed by me and looked like it wanted to say something to me. The dove said nothing, but flew to the top of the fountain. I could barely see the gray bird, but it played with the top fountain water for a few seconds, then flew away.

The breeze halted for a few minutes and the water fell down on itself. Not reaching as high as it was. Then the slight wind turned and came from the face of Jesus on Red Mountain. The mist, now gray and trying to reach the north shore. The fountain jumped to the blue sky higher than before, stretching and searching for the heavens.

When the breeze shifts, things look different, like life when things change.

I learned a lot when I let my mind absorb the fountain’s teachings. Fountain Hills can be a wonderful place on Earth to be. Be positive, don’t complain about so many things. Maybe go to the town’s heart and learn and listen to the fountain.

If you want to learn, just look at the sparkling water touching the blue sky. No distractions. Let go. You may discover and learn.