During the past few weeks, our community has faced disruption and confusion. Gaining accurate information in light of mixed messages has been a challenge, particularly at the time our Town Council voted against a mask mandate, followed within about an hour by the county announcing that masks are required to be worn in public at businesses and when six feet of social distancing is not possible. Social media posts only added to the confusion.

The timing was difficult, but the team at The Fountain Hills Times went into action, working to clarify the confusion.

In addition to straightening out the mask mandate, they also did an admirable job of reporting the facts related to the recent Together We Care community march. Emotions were running high, so it was very important that the reporters get the facts straight. They took their responsibility seriously and did a great job.

I am exceedingly grateful for having a local newspaper – something that is quite rare these days. Please consider supporting and subscribing to The Fountain Hills Times.