The voting is over. Now please take down all the political signs for winners and for those who did not get elected into office. The voting is over. Let careful and accurate counting continue and let the lawsuits proceed without undue complaining.

Was there voter fraud? Probably. There always is. The question is, was it massive enough to change the results? Let law enforcement and those officials responsible for election integrity figure that out. Wait peacefully and we will find out what actually happened.

Why the rush this year? Why the comments calling for immediate concession by the apparently defeated candidate before any state had even certified its election? Why the massive complaints against litigation?

In 2000, the media did not complain about Al Gore’s attempt to win through litigation, nor the length of time it took to declare a winner and get a concession. To the best of my knowledge, Stacey Abrams, the defeated Gubernatorial candidate, has never conceded defeat after her loss in 2018, but I don’t hear anyone, especially the media, complaining about that. In 2016, Hillary Clinton did not immediately concede, so why the big rush now?

Let the count, the recounts and the litigation proceed at its own pace. We will have a winner eventually. In the meantime, please keep the calm.