Is what is happening now at our border motivated by kindness or by political expediency?

Reuters reported this week that Mexican officials are now worried that President Biden’s new asylum policies have brought about a whirlwind of opportunities for organized crime, along with the safety and health issues for everyone along the way. In February, more than 100,000 people were detained at the border, more per month seen since 2006. Of course, assume many more than that just crossed undetected.

Children were herded by gangs northward with no COVID protections and no protection from predators. When they got to the border some tested positive for COVID, none were vaccinated; some were detained in metal storage containers and then transported to unknown locations in America.

This reshaping of America into an international COVID magnet comes from a man who told us Thursday evening that getting America free from COVID was his top priority, and if we were good, we could see our families on July 4.

I was unimpressed Thursday night by an administration which, while claiming everyone else did nothing, took exclusive credit for developing several vaccines and a distribution plan in a mere six weeks. When seen against the backdrop of his irresponsible encouragement of international COVID redistribution, his words sounded like a rooster taking credit for bringing us the dawn.