A few days ago, I happened to be on the Avenue while the first responders tree was being erected at the corner of the Avenue and Verde River Drive. I stopped to watch the fascinating process of assembling this lovely addition to our town’s holiday decorations.

As I watched I felt so blessed that my husband and I found this wonderful community and retired here – a lovely town filled with people who recognize the beauty around us and volunteer their time and talents to make this a better place to live.

I learned that EPCOR is a sponsor of the tree this year and want to publicly recognize them for their support. EPCOR has financially contributed to other activities in town, one of which was a donation of funds to build an exhibit at the River of Time Museum.

It is a beautiful tree that commends those who keep our community safe. Thank you to all who donated to make it happen – especially EPCOR for your generous sponsorship. I hope this gift to all of us becomes an annual tradition at EPCOR.