There is nothing like a pandemic to place extraordinary pressure on business owners to keep their doors open and keep their employees on payroll, all while doing their best to keep their workers and customers safe. One of the best ways we can help reduce their burden right now is by providing access to affordable testing to support the health and safety of their employees.

It’s my opinion that Congress has a role in helping our businesses maintain a strong and healthy workforce. Employees must feel safe when returning to work and trust they can be supported through available testing measures. That’s why I recently introduced legislation to create a Workplace Testing Tax Credit, a refundable payroll tax credit that will cover 50 percent of the COVID-19 testing costs that businesses incur for conducting COVID-19 testing for their employees.

The Workplace Testing Tax Credit would be available for businesses of all sizes. In order to maintain a healthy workforce, we need to test employees at every level. This tax credit is based on a business’s average number of full-time employees, which would be capped between $250 and $500 per employee depending on the size of the business.

I am proud of this piece of legislation and am hopeful my colleagues in Congress will consider including it in the next COVID-19 relief package. I also want to thank the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce for supporting this legislation, and their work in our community to help businesses during these historic times. I look forward to continuing to work on policy and ultimately helping our communities and our economy during these unprecedented times.