Around 7:30 a.m., Oct. 2, two dog walkers and their dogs met unexpectedly at the Saguaro and Fountain Hills Blvd. intersection. A mom, pushing her toddler’s stroller on the sidewalk, also led her leashed, medium-sized black dog. She began crossing Saguaro, where bushes prevent a view around the corner.

Meanwhile, a lady leading three medium-sized dogs was also approaching the corner. A terrible scene erupted immediately when the four dogs met. A passing driver in a white pickup pulled over, threw open his door, and leapt into the fray to help, as did several other drivers. My unaware dog and I viewed this terrible event, far away.

Although at a distance, this event troubled me; though certainly not as much as those involved. So my message is concern, for all of them. I hope neither owners, pets nor good Samaritans were injured. Thank you to those who dove into the fray, thinking of others before themselves!