I won’t be voting for Eric Kurland. I hope that Democrat Kurland, running for the Arizona House to represent LD23, is at least truthful to his students when he is teaching them because they probably believe every word that comes out of his month.

I say that because it concerns me that he and others have been saying that Arizona teachers are some of the lowest paid teachers in the nation. As we know, Arizona teachers have just received an 8% to10% salary increase for the 2020 school year. The average elementary school teacher’s salary in the USA is $59,178 (salary.com). There are 31 states where teachers earn an average annual salary of between $55,000 and $60,000. The average salary for Arizona elementary teachers is $58,508. Other data shows that there were only 18 States’ teachers who had higher average salaries than that of Arizona teachers.

We elect our representatives to be responsible for creating the state budget, allocating our hard-earned taxes and wisely make those budgeting decisions for us. As we know, education receives a big chunk of that money each year. We also understand that in good economic times the dollar goes further than in lean periods.

I trust my elected officials more than I do the radical union representatives of the Arizona (National) Education Association to make those decisions. Therefore, I am going to vote no on Proposition 208 and against the dictates of the union leaders, some who profess to be devout and proud Socialists. I’m not!

Also, I’m not satisfied with a candidate who attempts to deceive the electorate with incorrect salary data for the 2020 school year, looking for a sympathetic vote; so, Mr. Eric Kurland will not be earning my vote. Vote for John Kavanagh and Joseph Chaplik for Arizona State House of Representatives.