Last week’s letter from Janet Fayleen expressed disappointment and admonished Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party. The letter’s premise was that our May 20 meeting, “Protecting the 2nd Amendment,” competed with a concert on the Avenue. Fayleen described this as “rude” and “unneighborly.” Further, she asked, “do you really stand for all the ‘we, the people?’” As a Director of Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party, I am obligated to respond.

Since October 2010, Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party has provided a convenient, local source of information about government and governing, emphasizing smaller government, lower taxes, free-market economics and protection of our Constitution and God-given rights. We welcome and appreciate donations to offset expenses, but have never charged a fee to those attending our meetings. While everyone may not agree with our principles, all are welcome to attend.

We’ve addressed some contentious issues, including the lagoon, primary property tax and Daybreak. We take a summer break and skip December, but otherwise our meeting date is the third Thursday evening of the month. As anyone who has been involved in organizing a group knows, scheduling conflicts are common and can’t always be avoided. Sometimes, you must choose.

On May 20, people had a choice of which event to attend – the concert or “Protecting the 2nd Amendment.” Fayleen chose the concert. From her letter, she enjoyed it, but to cast an insult at us for having our meeting at the traditional date and time and concluding that we are thus not part of the community is at the very least inappropriate and unnecessary.

Happily, dozens of “we, the people” from Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Rio Verde and even Tempe were in attendance and experienced a spirited, entertaining and information-filled evening. As always, visit for more information.