The Constitution, in the First Amendment, guarantees us the right to “free expression” of religion. In recent years, that freedom has repeatedly been attacked and challenged. It may be the attempt to remove a cross honoring fallen soldiers standing on public ground, or a prohibition of voluntary prayer by high school football players, or legal action by government to force a private business to violate the owners’ deeply held religious beliefs, and many other examples.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a Scottsdale-based international organization whose mission is to protect and defend religious freedom. ADF’s Jake Warner will be a guest speaker at Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party on Thursday evening, May 16. Jake will explain ADF’s work and how we can support that work.

Free and fair elections – another basic, founding principle and strength of our nation. We’ve heard about voter fraud, the debate about voter ID and we recognize that many elections are determined by narrow margins. The November 2018 elections exemplified these issues. In Maricopa County (which comprises the bulk of Arizona’s votes), there were several instances of questionable practices and events, including “emergency voting centers,” suspected illegal “ballot harvesting,” failure to require voter ID, and dramatic swings in election results after Election Day.

Political activist Arthur Cooper personally witnessed some of this and is working to prompt the County Board of Supervisors to address and correct this problem before the 2020 election cycle. At the May 16 Tea Party meeting, Arthur will share his experiences and explain what we can do to help achieve a solution.

All interested parties are welcome to join the discussion at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 16, at the FHUSD Learning Center (Northeast corner of Palisades and Golden Eagle). Come, listen, learn, participate. For more information, visit