In every political campaign there are always cases of candidate sign tampering, usually on such a small scale on both sides that often it is not taken too seriously. Recently, however, there has been an inordinate amount of Biden campaign signs stolen and slashed to pieces all over town.

It’s important to know that tampering with campaign signs is a Class 2 misdemeanor with a $750/per sign fine in Arizona. There is nowhere near any significant such treatment of Trump signs.

A Washington Post article (8/29/20) reports widespread removal of thousands of Biden signs in key battleground states. This is a serious problem for any democracy, as such behavior is reflective of a criminal mindset breaking laws to sabotage an election. What else is being planned? While Trump wrongly claims there is widespread fraud in mail-in ballots, the only significant case of such was discovered ballot stuffing by Republicans in North Carolina in 2016. The rate of mail-in ballot error overall is .0000007 percent.

This kind of intentional misinformation from the top, or violent slashing and stealing of signs to tamper with our most important function of democracy, our elections, cannot be tolerated.

On Saturday, some of us were on the corner of Shea and Palisades peacefully holding Biden signs, banners and American flags, exercising our First Amendment rights, socially distanced, wearing masks. No “anti-Trump” signs. We were encouraged by many supportive honks and cheers, but one person yelled, “Socialist pigs,” which is more misinformation from the extreme right, repeated by Trump. There was a Trump rally Friday by the fountain, with people clustered, many not wearing masks, but sporting firearms. The irony here is that violent intimidation of opposition is a drift toward Fascism, which we are actually seeing in our country, not Socialism.