After over 25 years of calling Fountain Hills home and volunteering with my family members and many community members to help Fountain Hills be successful, I will vote “yes” on Props 427 and 428.

The reasons for my “yes” vote are simple. I have personally been involved with, volunteered for, and have seen the benefits of “Make a Difference Day,” master planning and completing our beautiful parks, building a new United Methodist Church, coaching youth sports, supporting the Boys & Girls Club development, leading and supporting our schools’ bond financial requirements, helping “The Trailblazers” build the best hiking and biking trails in the Sonoran Desert, supporting the important preservation of the McDowell Mountains, supporting our local tennis groups, supporting our excellent local businesses, supporting our service-oriented civic organizations, and now supporting our “Dark Sky” initiatives.

I have seen the benefits of supporting our “Hometown by Nature” community grow over 25 years. I also believe that in order to keep our taxes as low as possible, we need our town to continue to grow to its potential with more families, diverse housing availability and diverse tax revenue brought by more families and successful businesses.

Please join me in voting yes for Prop 427 and 428.