I am writing to urge your support for Proposition 450 in Fountain Hills, seeking approval for the 2020 General Plan, as required by state law. This plan will continue to provide a solid base and vision to allow our community to move forward in positive directions.

Daniel Burnham, a Chicago architect planner practicing in the early 1900s, declared (and I paraphrase), “make no small plans.” It is in this spirit of recognizing the importance of noting broad visions and fashioning details and opinions into details that make our community one that everyone is proud to live in. The General Plan keeps us focused on the grand goals.

I am a retired architect who spent my career on both sides of this decision-making table. I can tell you that these visions are the spark that create good buildings, good neighborhoods, good communities. They are important. Please lend your support.

Vote during this election. Be safe. Be careful. Thank you.