Last week, a letter by Anders Lundin was written in support of Representative Schweikert, saying that we should get over Schweikert’s 11 ethics violations. Specifically, it referred to them as “alleged mistakes in the past,” despite the entire House voting unanimously to condemn his actions after an investigation that he stalled for years.

Not only is this letter filled with falsehoods, it is also irresponsible. Mr. Lundin has applied to join the nonpartisan redistricting commission. The fact that he is brazenly spouting falsehoods in support of a Republican candidate for Congress speaks to his own inability to serve as an Independent.

Now, Mr. Lundin, you say that we should consider substantive issues. To me, and everyone else in the district, the fact that David Schweikert misused campaign and government funds for his own purposes is substantive. It shows that his behavior was corrupt, dishonest, and he does not care about his constituents and must be voted out.

What is not substantive is Lundin saying things about Dr. Tipirneni’s background as a medical doctor that feed into conspiracy theories. She does not currently practice, but she still has her medical license and did not face discipline from the Arizona Medical Board. She started working in cancer research after two of her family members passed away from cancer. But her long-time experience serving the people of this district as an ER doctor informs her policymaking. She knows firsthand that our healthcare system is broken and that millions of Arizonans deserve more affordable access to coverage and lower prescription drug prices.

It is not “holier-than-thou” to suggest that a sitting Congressman who stole taxpayer money no longer deserves our trust. He doesn’t represent me or my neighbors in Fountain Hills. We deserve someone who actually cares about us. Vote Tiperneni!