Famous people who stutter: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, orator Demosthenes, King George VI, actor James Earl Jones, and country singer Mel Tillis. Churchill, whose stutter was particularly apparent to 1920s writers, was one of the 30 percent of stutterers who have an associated speech disorder –a lisp, in his case – yet led his nation.

I missed it during the “debate,” but a friend reminded me that Joe Biden has had a stuttering problem since his youth; however, he has worked hard to limit the effects. Just when I think Donald Trump can’t sink any lower in regard to respect and decency, he does! His calculated, disruptive, disrespectful attack was designed to take advantage of Biden’s situation. If you don’t believe me, check with a psychologist or speech therapist.

Also anyone who thinks, “All is fair in love and war,” and this is appropriate behavior from the President of the United States, is also a part of the problem. (Independent voter)