I read in The Fountain Hills Times today that the town and state government has approved a plan that will allow the art fair in November to take place. What are they thinking?

They may have a plan but there is in reality no way that it can be enforced. It would take dozens or maybe hundreds of “enforcers” to make people wear masks, keep their distance inside the tents or on the streets. How many enforcers will there be? How will they handle those that will object; and we know there will be a significant number that will do so. How will they tell vendors they have too many customers in their tents?

Why would we invite over 100,000 people from all around the Valley to come here when an unknown number will be bringing the coronavirus with them? Look at the photo that accompanies the article in the paper. Hundreds of people crowding the street, close together, and none wearing masks. Granted that photo is from the past but do you really believe it will be any different this time, despite the presence of how many “enforcers?”

Even though the intent to use the safety measures described are well thought out, the reality is that there is simply no way they can be enforced, or can we assume that large crowds of people will follow them? Instead of containing this public health crisis, this event is inviting it to spread into our community and turn a very low level of infections into a large and out of control problem.

Why would we do that to ourselves? I strongly oppose allowing this event taking place and urge all to oppose it as well.