In the most recent edition of The Times, Planning and Zoning forwarded a recommendation for approval for a zoning amendment which would allow for a mini-storage unit in the downtown area. Count me as a strong “No” to that idea.

There would be no “fit to serve small business and apartment dwellers in the downtown.” Given the composition of Fountain Hills as mostly single-family residential, it is not likely that the local population alone would be able to fill the units. Since the goal of a storage location is to make money, it would therefore become necessary to be a draw for non-residents.

I certainly have no objection to the current property owner making a profit but I can envision other Fountain Hills locations that would be a better fit. For example, there is no mini-storage unit in the middle of Kierland Commons. Rather, such units are generally located in (more) industrial areas. In Fountain Hills, such a structure could “fit” on Shea, east of Saguaro near Tractor Supply or west of Saguaro near O’Reilly Auto Parts. (Coincidentally, there will be a new hospital and the needs for storage will be correspondingly greater.)

For these reasons, I don’t believe this application should go any further. There should not be a “return to the commission and council with a SUP application for separate consideration.”

Please, Planning and Zoning, reconsider your approval of this proposed “special use” for the downtown area. Instead, recommend to the owner that he use his property for other purposes and/or provide the opportunity for mini-storage in one of the above noted areas.

Fountain Hills does not need mini-storage at Verde River Drive and Parkview Avenue. It will add nothing to the downtown area.