In a recent letter to this paper, Mr. Jeff Dover questioned the existence of the virus emergency along with a question regarding the effectiveness of wearing masks, and suggested “politically driven statistics.” The reason we were asked in March not to buy masks related to the fact that the masks were not available for the health care profession.

I recently spent an hour at the Mayo Clinic for an annual physical. The entire staff had masks, some had face shields and goggles. I, of course, had to wear a mask to get in. I find it difficult to think of Mayo Clinic being wrapped up in politically driven statistics.

The entire state of New York utilized masks and managed the virus infection rate rather well, compared to the entire country. New York seemed to have a plan, the country did not.

Recently, college kids have gone back to school and to parties without masks. The results were classes canceled and an increase in local COVID-19 cases.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, you don’t need to justify your decision. One last item: Google “masks or no masks?,” just that way. Review the results and the dates of the results. Let’s all stay safe.