What’s up with the platitudes being tossed around so much these days? “Be safe” is the main offender. What on Earth does that mean? Are we to believe that we are in constant peril of something or other? Is it that, if we play our cards right, we can get out of life alive? What do they mean?

Health is spoken of as “wellness,” not “safeness.” So, what are the perils we’re supposed to be safe from? Moreover, why does anyone really care? If they read your obit in the next paper, how would it affect their lives?

Another I’ve seen might actually come from the town itself. It’s a sign I see when I visit my mother at Fountainview Village. It says “Live today, thrive tomorrow.” Huh? Why not “thrive” today? And by the way, who says that we have “tomorrow,” no matter what degree of “safe” we practice? I suppose we could construct a protective bubble around ourselves within our domiciles and just sit there shaking and wait. That would be pretty “safe,” right?

I choose not to live in a state of fear, where those who are so concerned about “safe” must live. But why? I mean, if you’ve lived to the point where you can understand “be safe” then, obviously, without being expressly told to “be safe” you’ve already done a pretty good job of it. Somehow, you managed to go to the store without facing death. You got to your grandmother’s house without a crazed driver crossing into your lane and maiming you for life. You got around your morning walk and weren’t eaten by a ravenous pack of drooling javelinas. You got through a pleasant dinner without being mashed by an asteroid from the heavens crashing through your roof. And, you thrived!

Be real.