Bank of America warned on Oct. 1 that oil could push over $100 a barrel for the first time in many, many years.

We are in the midst of an invasion on our southern border with over 200,000 (and thousands more coming) illegal immigrants having been transported into various cities and towns in the United States of America.

Mandates are running rampant in our country. God forbid you should lose your card saying you have been vaccinated. By the way, the COVID-19 mandates only apply to U.S. citizens. Illegal immigrants have no such mandates. The Department of Human Services admitted that they do not have the capability to test these people coming across our border illegally. Too many are coming.

We know the root cause of these problems. President Biden closed down the oil pipeline and made our country once again reliant on foreign oil. He threw open our previously most secure border in years. He promised free everything to anyone coming illegally into our country. The President blames the unvaccinated people for any COVID outbreak in our country (thus the mandates), while taking no responsibility for the unvaccinated illegal immigrants.

Here’s the kicker. The citizens of the United States must pay for President Biden’s foolishness through higher taxes and inflated prices.

What can we do? Stand up against these illegal and unconstitutional tactics. Don’t be afraid of being called a derogatory name or being cancelled. Many people are speaking out, such as ex-border patrol and military people. Many people are leaving their jobs rather than be mandated (nurses, teachers) and even some reporters are brave enough to point out these tactics of the current administration.

Stand up for freedom.