Fountain Hills must be growing up. In case you have not noticed, there are already two announced candidates for mayor in an election more than a year away. Each is running on spend less on un-needed projects, boost local tourism to drive sales tax revenues. The only problem I see in that approach is, up until a large inflow of COVID-related federal and state funds, the town has been operating on a shoestring basis. I strongly suspect we probably still could use more in our rainy-day emergency fund.

Recent Times articles report that the council has approved funds for an engineering study for a new traffic signal at Palisades and Palomino. A signal that some say is not needed. If we consider continued growth in general and Adero Canyon specifically, a dramatic increase in traffic there is pretty sure to occur. I know those who access Palisades between Palomino and Shea will be looking forward to having an improved chance of better access.

A million dollars for a traffic light is a definite stunner, but that is what they cost. And to install one without an engineering study begs lawsuits and a poor result.

Several other maintenance items have been approved, improved security systems and fire control units, for example. The existing systems are at the end of their projected life and in most cases are no longer serviceable if repairs are needed.

Yes, we are talking considerable sums, however, we must remember that as we grow, the more stuff we need. The more stuff we have, the more we have to spend to keep it up. This council and town staff have been doing a good job, let’s keep that in mind going forward.