Our community should be very proud of many of the local businesses that contribute time, money and resources to truly make Fountain Hills an extraordinary place to live. Recently, I have been involved in programs and initiatives that were supported “above and beyond” by Euro Pizza Cafe and Discount Air Care.

The owner of Euro Pizza, Merita Kraya, contributes money and food to multiple programs conducted in our beautiful town. She is a true “servant leader” that does much more to help Fountain Hills than most people will ever know.

Another great business owner, Mike Jones, is the owner of Discount Air Care. He recently helped a disabled resident by providing a free air conditioner to help her make it through the hot summer days. His generosity and exceptional service gave a resident of our town the help and hope she has not had for over a decade.

I am so honored to know Merita and Mike as wonderful friends that do so much for Fountain Hills. These two people have made a difference in helping citizens in need. Having people like Merita and Mike serving and supporting our community with very little fanfare is what makes our town a very special place to live.