Why is America suffering? Is it nationalism or globalism? Maybe. Is it bait and switch promises or conflicting political agendas? Maybe. Is it double-standard injustice? Yes.

Why is America angry? Is it COVID-19 or poor scientific/medical guidance? Maybe. Is it Chinese influence? Maybe. Is it lobbyists and activists? Maybe. Is it poor “single party” leadership? Yes.

After 50 years of “single party” domination in major cities, that experiment has completely failed to improve education, health or welfare, policing, critical infrastructure or other societal needs. The single party system has become a reign of oppressive segregation, ultimately ascending to authoritarian domination, copying the Chinese Communist Party. Let’s not allow the single party to pull us backwards.

Surrendering the rule of law by those we elected to enforce and protect us is an undeserved malignancy. Any engrained degrees of bias will be deconstructed by a thoughtful and deliberate process including trial and error. Acts of violence, appeasing, but meaningless placations, do nothing to advance our freedom and equality. Freedom is already a rocky field to plow without single party trouble-makers making it harder.

The single party advocates are at it again, paying everyone lip service because an election is months away. How many years of constant single party decline must we suffer before we believe what we see and feel and reject the same stale promises.

The single party seeks unilateral control and does not deliver on the results that they promise to die-hard supporters. However, if you are attempting to oppose the single party, like the Green Party did, that movement will be economically crushed using the IRS, FBI and/or other government agency.

Multiple political parties might breed discontent and unrest, but the single party makes us all suffer.

All Americans should be working together to equally prosper, not equally suffer.