I am ashamed that I did not write a letter to the editor last week. I did not have the right words to express my sadness, fury, despair and revulsion over the events of Jan. 6. I left it up to others to be my voice. There were only two letters on the subject last week.

There is no excuse for my silence. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” So, I wrote many letters to the editor in the months leading up to the most significant election of our lifetime. Joe Biden was elected. Mission accomplished. I was exhausted. I went silent.

Then our worst fears were realized. DJT refused to concede. Again, I said nothing. Let it play out in the courts, in front of judges appointed by DJT and by previous presidents. It played out in the Supreme Court, which was DJT’s ace in the hole. Sixty-two Court cases. Not one found any evidence of any fraud that would have significantly changed the election results. Every state (red, blue and purple) certified their results. Joe Biden is the duly elected President. Still Trump, and too many sycophants to name, screamed “fraud.” Our elected officials either joined “Stop the Steal” or remained silent.

Every citizen of this country should be ashamed of the travesty that played out on the Capitol grounds. I will never forget the sight of our United States flag being waved by the seditionists as they chanted threats against our elected officials, caused five deaths, numerous injuries and robbed and desecrated the United States Capitol.

Right or wrong, the Republican Party is now seen as the party of Trump. Is it? Silence signifies agreement. You speak out when you disagree. Silence should not be an option.