There is a safety problem that we really believe needs to be addressed in Fountain Hills. We mentioned it to years ago but nothing ever happened.

On Panorama Drive, just west of Teal Drive, there is a deep wash. A large concrete structure under Panorama Drive holds two large drain pipes servicing the wash.

A sidewalk crosses this concrete structure at road level with no guard rails to prevent pedestrians from tumbling down about 15 feet, with the last eight feet being freefall.

At many locations around town with small drains under the sidewalk, there are rails installed and this high drop has none. This sidewalk is used quite often for people going to the dog park and to reach their cars after activities in Fountain Park. A screened railing might be best to protect small kids.

A second location that needs similar protection is on the sidewalk just north of the Messinger Mortuary on Saguaro. It also is a very high drop to the bottom of the wash and calls for pedestrian protection.