Sculptures are harmless objects that cannot hurt anyone. Love or hate emanates from the reactions of the beholder, not a lifeless piece of rock.

The Statue of Liberty is among thousands of the motionless sisterhood/brotherhood that silently populate the American landscape. Each manmade artifact, like a cross on a steeple or the Lincoln Monument, has its own unique relevance; plus, all monuments share this common message, “never forget.” Never forget the history and the process that inspired that piece of art to be created.

Defacing a timeless monument is a barbaric crime that cannot be excused as a peaceful protest. Why are national monuments that commemorate the accomplishments and/or the short-comings of American history allowed to be desecrated and destroyed out of blind hate and radical rage?

Statues can make you think about the path of humanity’s progress and transformation. Standing before the bus that Rosa Parks rode on chilled me; the bus is a monument to transformation, not a vehicle of prejudice that should be destroyed. When I see a tank in a park or a veterans’ memorial, I feel the courage and gallantry that liberated people, not the vile hatred of war.

Have compassion for those that misunderstand the peaceful message of monuments. Detest the self-serving instigators that intentionally exploit the frenzied mob into subservient pawns that carryout vile crimes of hate. Be ashamed of the leaders that have the power, but can’t find their courage to protect monuments from the tantrums of narrow-minded anti-Americans.

Be disheartened for the children who will never see the art destroyed in haste and madness. Will children see and repeat this same criminal behavior?

Each generation can create and add new events to history without destroying the ancient memorials that chronicled the pivotal events that brought us all here in first place.