Scam artists are always out there, more today than ever before. And they are clever! They fish us in with their claims to provide something of desire or value or necessity. They use fear and panic and urgency to manipulate us into trusting them. They seduce us with the big win.

Don’t allow the Daybreak developers to scam us. Let’s be smarter than that.

The Promise of “millions of dollars for the town coffers,” and that in turn will “save us from the prospect of a property tax,” is bunk. Revenue wouldn’t start until the project is completed and they have up to 10 years to make that happen, if it ever does happen at all. And make no mistake, once they own the property and have the zoning changes in their favor, there would be nothing stopping them from flipping the property.

The promise that Daybreak will “provide for a wider range of demographics, particularly for families and young professionals” is bunk. Nothing about the proposed Daybreak development would attract young people. The location does not allow for walking to shops, playgrounds, library, gym, salons, schools, community center or the town lake. Instead, it would be a dense apartment complex with insufficient parking, locked in by heavy traffic on the busiest corner of Fountain Hills.

The promise that Daybreak will bring to the town scores of families that will patronize local restaurants and shops and eliminate the town’s shrinking revenue is bunk. Daybreak itself would include a restaurant, hair salon, etc. to meet those needs of its residents and, for a further abundance of restaurants and shopping, Scottsdale is just a short drive away.

By voting no to Props 427 and 428, you are saying no to the scam of Daybreak.