Last Saturday afternoon, two large young men presented themselves at my front door. When I stepped outside to answer the bell, the largest one launched into a litany of statements that my ancient ears could not begin to comprehend, except for something about points they could earn.

He then produced a plastic-covered brochure offering a variety of periodicals for subscription. Upon being advised I was not interested in buying a subscription – or anything else, for that matter – he became louder as I stepped back in the house. Minutes later, when returning out front, I found he/they had destroyed one of my landscape lighting fixtures as they departed my walkway.

Credit to the Sheriff, a nice young lady in uniform responded rather quickly to my call. She asked what I wanted her to do and my response was, “Get them out of my town.” On reflection, I wish I had said, “Find them, bring ‘em back here with an apology for destroying my property because, in my 80 years, I have never damaged either of them; then escort them out of town!” Hindsight is 20/20, but next time I’ll be prepared for a teachable moment.