If $35 of the new fee can be set aside in the Environmental Fund, there is no reason why the remaining $150, which is being earmarked for public safety services, cannot be put in its own fund.

Why are there no immediate plans to establish a PSF? Since when is it the auditors’ job to advise against a separate fund to the town manager and town council? As required by state statute, auditors make an annual report to verify that we have complied with all requirements concerning our town’s financing and balanced budget.

Considering there are no plans to establish a PSF, why did the town manager ask for the auditor's advice? Maybe he asked them because he was checking to see if we would be breaking any state yearly reporting laws? I am sure we have our own accounting firm, who does our monthly tax reports and payments and keeps our books. Why did we not ask them if there is anything wrong with creating a new fund?

The annual cost for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Rural/Metro is $8 million. If the current budget amounts are kept the same (over $30 million dollars annually), putting $2.5 million into a PSF would only require $5.5 million from the General Fund, thereby leaving an extra $2.5 million in the General Fund. Isn’t the whole idea for the new fee to make sure we have enough money when needed for any increases in the cost of police and fire contracts?

Having an extra $4 million in sales tax and fees will more than suffice, leaving plenty of money for other things like infrastructure repairs. Big question: Where will the PSF funds go if put in the General Fund?