I was saddened and angered to see that our elected officials put their ideological ideas about “personal freedom” ahead of the health and well-being of the citizens of Fountain Hills.

This is not an issue of personal freedom. Should doctors be allowed the personal freedom of not wearing a mask when they perform surgery? Wearing a mask is the best way to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

If one person loses their grandmother, grandfather or best friend because a few selfish individuals would rather spread a dangerous virus than endure the mild inconvenience of wearing a mask, then the moral standards of those not willing to wear a mask need to be questioned. Are any of these individuals Christians? Do they understand the Christian ethos of “put your neighbor before yourself?”

Think about the 50-plus (and rising) citizens of Fountain Hills who have suffered the virus and how many more may fall victim because we do not impose simple precautions advocated by medical experts across the country. The four so-called “public servants” who voted against the measure to require masks in public places are Art Tolis, Dennis Brown, Mike Scharnow and David Spelich.