The very first day that several flashing stop signs were installed at the intersection of Palisades Blvd. and Golden Eagle, I happened to be travelling westbound on Palisades. There were two vehicles stopped at the sign that were on Palisades travelling east, waiting to take a left turn onto Golden Eagle.

The first car took their left turn and as I pulled into the intersection (as it was my turn) the second vehicle decided to follow the first and took his left turn immediately following the first car. You can install all the signs, flashing or otherwise, you want and spend any amount of money, it still won’t make people drive safer.

All the problems with traffic and pedestrian safety can be solved with two simple solutions. 1) Both pedestrians and drivers need to take their distracted eyes off the distraction and pay attention to their walking/driving; 2) I think everyone should take a refresher course on the rules of the road. The only time we receive driving lessons is when we first get our driver’s licenses and when we get a ticket and have to go to “traffic school.” A lot of years to forget the laws and form bad driving habits.

I think our legislature should make driving lessons mandatory every five years. But, that’s just me.