This is a reply to Richard [Rutkowski’s] letter entitled “Disappointed.” He stated that he and many others were disappointed with the governor extending the stay at home order.

Unlike Richard, I believe our governor is on the start to a right path regarding this pandemic, but Arizona has ended its partnership with a group of scientists who predict that the virus has not yet reached its peak.

In my opinion, future historians will look back on this period and will see a tragedy of denial. Historians will say we had everything to lower the infection rate of the coronavirus, including science and technology.

They will say science and technology existed, but we didn’t use it, or didn’t use it as effectively as we could have because we weren’t willing to be honest about what we were facing.

Let’s stop the nonsense, back science and technology and hold our leaders accountable for the harm being created by their ignorance. Haven’t we seen and been here before with the AIDS pandemic? According to The World Health Organization, we lost 32 million people to AIDS. How many of those souls could have been saved if we were told the truth and listened?