Gov. Ducey keeps mentioning “protocols as directed by the NIAID, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Department of Labor Division of Occupational Safety and the Arizona Department of Health Services.” Really? No mention of taking personal responsibility?

It seems that Gov. Ducey thinks that he’s really helping the people of this state by telling them explicitly what they can, can’t do and when. Not sure if he thinks we are just plain morons or uninformed sheep that can’t or won’t take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and behavior. You know, I just don’t agree with him and think he’s very short-sighted, has tunnel vision. Again, his actions are having a negative impact on the future for the Arizona Republican Party and conservative actions and thought here in Arizona. He and Dr. Christ are really stoking fear without much positive focus.

I also wonder if the Arizona Dept. of Public Health knows anything about economics, the First Amendment and the positive impact of socializing. If she does, it doesn’t show. I don’t believe or wonder if she’s had the opportunity to start and manage her own small business, knows of the risks involved, the amount of personal responsibility and liability you assume when you go into business for yourself. She works in a bureaucratic cocoon, protected from economic harm, exposed to very little risk.

Because of the bureaucracy she’s surrounded by it doesn’t surprise me that she keeps espousing and relying on all of the NIAID CDC edicts and depends on the models, which have been wrong, for her guidance and direction. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have a broader perspective.