It is time to select your representatives. What to look for? We want to know what they stand for and what they promise to do. We all know, in this culture of misinformation, that strategy is flawed. I suggest you consider personal characteristics – honesty, empathy, love of community and sense of humor.

So, I generally shred campaign materials. With today’s social media, it is hard to hide past – let’s say – imperfections. We all have them. I have found that Cindy Couture’s past is exemplary. She has had a lifetime career of serving the community as an educator. Moreover, she has championed education causes at the local and state level. Cindy has been involved in the community in local initiatives such as the Dark Sky initiative. All our candidates want to foster business. Dark Sky is a centerpiece for our town’s search for uniqueness.

Cindy’s social media postings show empathy such as support for Ukraine. Cindy sprinkles humor in postings. She shares her views without trying to punish others, but she does not tell falsehoods. She does not make herself the center of her postings. These are traits we have had, and must continue to look for, in people representing our town.

Please do some research, you will see that Brenda Kalivianakis talks almost solely about herself. What town initiatives has she been heavily involved with? She is a good bowler and likes hot cars. She also posted a derogatory T-shirt about our president on Facebook, which she removed now.

Skillicorn, well you only need look at his performance in Illinois and his bitter comments as he moved out of town.

That leaves Toth. She is young, and has little life experience, therefore few skeletons. She would be a distant second choice to Cindy Couture.

Vote Cindy Couture.