C’mon, Joe. It looks like another self-inflicted disaster is on the horizon with your America Last agenda.

The only thing more powerful than the incompetence is the cowardice on display daily by your absence at the border, which is magnified by your refusal to take questions because you don’t want to get in trouble. And now you’re considering reparation for illegals separated at the border under Trump?

Unlike your administration, Trump didn’t invite them, so I think a counter lawsuit is in order to compensate the Angel Moms who lost loved ones to illegals. How about reparation for them for $450,000. That should wipe out the ACLU lawsuit with money left over for pain and suffering for the ranchers and property damage, and the same for those living in border towns and beyond and other costs involved, including housing, food, medical and misc. supplies and labor costs for processing illegals, like border patrol, attorneys, judges and transportation costs in delivering them to ultimate destinations unknown, never to be seen or heard from again, many with COVID.

We know you are not calling the shots and you certainly don’t want to get in trouble.