Luring immigrants here by promising free healthcare is a disingenuous political ploy. Democrats are deceitfully encouraging immigrants into making themselves criminals by coming here illegally. Aiding and abetting is also criminal.

In televised debates democrats won’t discuss adequately funding the failing Social Security System and current Medicare/Medicaid programs that Americans have paid for with decades of payroll contributions, but they promise free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Many immigrants will suffer in the poverty and squalor of sanctuary cities giving them ample grounds to also claim reparations.

The descendants of Irish and Italian immigrants that came here were duped to enlist and die in the Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants fought and died to abolish slavery; a culture that they had absolutely no hand in making. Where are their reparations? The descendants of European immigrants and the slaves they freed went on to fight in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and other wars. If descendant generations of Americans are paid reparations, let it be for their earlier ancestors’ acts of bravery not because, like many, many people, their ancestors were victimized as inexpensive labor/soldiers.

Human trafficking, bondage, sexual slavery and other detestable acts are still being perpetuated along the southern border. While democrats debate reparations for America’s past they fail to take action to correct the travesties that their fraudulent promises keep escalating. They cast blame and accusations while doing nothing to correct their own original sin, the sin of denial.

The border crisis is real, ever present, and all the accusatory talk without action just makes it worse. The democratic bigots in Congress are manipulating millions of pawns just as slavery did 150 years ago. Congress, by failing to legislate on immigration, is perpetuating another social class that will have a creditable claim to reparations.