At last Tuesday’s Town Council meeting there was a display of what a responsible council member of our town should and should not do. The owner of the legal medical marijuana dispensary here was asking for extended hours and delivery capability. Councilman Tolis gave much support to his plea, commended him for running a very professional operation and expressed support for his requests. Some of the other council members, however, subsequently expressed their objection and, when it came time to vote, Mayor Dickey asked for a second to the motion to vote and looked at Tolis, who started shrinking in his chair and would not second the motion.

Another councilman seconded the motion and, as the council members began voting, mostly not in favor, Tolis continued to shrink in his chair, almost out of sight, and when called upon, voted against the dispensary’s requests, obviously to not be separated from the ones who voted against it and/or to be associated with those who voted for it. A crass political literal folding in public, voting opposite of what he had just expressed.

On another matter of discussion of the sales tax increase, as one small measure to try to raise money for the town, Tolis unbelievably again raised and defended his lagoon idea as a good example of the kind of thing we need to fulfill our destiny as a tourism-based economy. What? With this behavior and statements, and his other delusions previously stated that the Avenue of the Fountains could become another Rodeo Drive; Houston, we have a problem! Reality: Fountain Hills continues to grow as a wonderful, normal small town that needs a normal property tax.

We need more council members grounded in reality and voting responsibly with their convictions, not to grovel favor of a perceived majority.