I decided people needed to see the real data on the number of COVID-19 cases from Fountain Hills and see if the cases are static or accelerating.

April 15, 19 cases; April 25, 23 cases; May 5, 28 cases; May 25, 36 cases; June 5, 47 cases; June 20, 63 cases; June 30, 91 cases; July 4, 111 cases; July 10, 150 cases; July 19, 169 cases.

April average = 0.4 cases per day. May average = 0.4 cases per day. June average = 1.76 cases per day. July average to date = 3.866 cases per day.

What can you say about this data? 1. The total is still slightly below 1 percent of the Fountain Hills population. 2. The number of cases from April to July is over an 800 percent increase. 3. The number of cases is accelerating. 4. The cases will stop accelerating A: When we either all shelter at home; B: When we have a vaccine, or C: We reach 50 percent of the population.

It is your decision as to what you want to make of this data but the virus has affected infants to elderly and, depending on your age, health and the strain you get, the effects could be fatal.