What do we do with racism from the White House? By now, it should be obvious to even Trump supporters that we have a leader who is racist. With a more than healthy economy, job market and roaring stock market, should we overlook and condone the vile comments that our president hurls at our minorities and his critics?

Before I address that question, what exactly is racism, for our children who are listening? Here is a short list I discovered online: Being called racist names or being sent insulting messages or threats; racist jokes, including jokes about your color, nationality race or culture; being left out, treated differently or excluded.

This is a list of just a few examples of racism. So, what should our party leaders, society and individuals do when we can verify or prove our leader is racist? Should we overlook this shortfall with all the great things that are happening today?

Many people want to stand against racism but aren’t sure how. We’ve all been a bystander at one time or another. It can be uncomfortable. Often people don’t respond because they don’t want to be a target of abuse themselves. Standing up to racism can be a powerful sign of support. It can also make the perpetrator think twice about their actions.

If nothing else, we can't remain silent and must speak out. Trump must stop it and now!