Together We Care: Fountain Hills (TWC) has recently joined The Fountains United Methodist Church (UMC) in a 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. As Reverend Kimberly Scott from CrossRoads UMC and other members of The Fountains lead the adult challenge, TWC members will be leading the challenge for youth.

TWC is a student-led group of activists and allies for the call for justice of Black Americans and people around the world. We are members of the Fountain Hills community who wish to extend a hand of solidarity and support to our siblings of all backgrounds.

The challenge has already begun – the starting date being Monday, July 20 – but those that are interested in the challenge are still welcome to join! Go to to get the link for the daily materials, which includes podcasts, short videos and articles. The youth track is slightly different from the adult track, with the additions and substitutions of some of our own material that is suitable for all ages, while still encouraging teens to address racism and examine their own biases.

Just as we did this past Sunday, July 26, on Sundays, Aug. 2 and Aug. 9, we will be holding discussion meetings on Zoom to review material and answer any questions participants may have. We will also be posting the meeting notes on our website at for anyone who cannot make the chosen time slot for our Zoom meetings.

TWC is familiar with all of the material and welcomes youth from all backgrounds to join us in this challenge! All of our organizers are excited for our discussions with Fountain Hills youth.