At the recent Town Council meeting, Art Tolis continued reciting the mantra of Cecil Yates with his one-note song endorsing development, business growth, tourism, etc. as the purported salvation of Fountain Hills. Never mind that even if those were desirable, results would be years away and, as Alan Magazine frequently points out, it would take $40 million in business revenue to generate just $1 million in sales tax.

The most salient thing Tolis said, other than the entertainment value of his going back to flog his widely discredited lagoon plan with righteous indignation and resentment about still being roundly pilloried for it, was that if the residents want a quiet town instead of the bustling business district replete with tourist traffic which he’d prefer (and which in his dreams would generate beaucoup sales tax revenue), then there should be a property tax to cover the undisputed shortfall. Duh! That is why residents moved here, and what I believe they want: a nice, peaceful town rather than a tourist honky-tonk circus.

Apparently he’d like the town to look every day as it does when it’s overrun during the twice yearly fairs. Certainly, most residents do not share that wish! Mr. Tolis, get in sync with your constituents, or is it just all about your business-centric “base?”