I don’t know Bob Shelstrom and I really have not heard anyone state why he is qualified to run for office, but I do know Jerry Butler and would strongly encourage you to support Jerry in his re-election to the Fountain Hills Sanitary District Board of Directors.

I serve on the Board of Directors of the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association (FHCCA) with Jerry and have personally seen Jerry in action when he carefully analyzed and reviewed every monetary action taken by the board. In addition to his capability in completing financial reviews as treasurer of the FHCCA, his background and degree in engineering makes him a highly qualified board member for the Sanitary District.

Jerry has served our community in a variety of ways in addition to his board membership of the FHCCA. He has participated in Strategic Planning and Downtown Visioning Projects, worked on the Town’s ordinances, helped develop town studies, worked on revenue solutions workshops, is co-chair of the Greening of Downtown program, is a member of the Chamber’s public affairs committee and greatly assisted the Dark Skies initiative, among others.

We do not need “politicians” on the board. What we do need are highly qualified members of our community who will do their best to represent the best interests of the community. You could not find a more qualified and dedicated person to represent you than Jerry Butler.

I’m voting for Jerry Butler and I hope you do as well.