We may live in an imperfect world but we can try to make it better. If we can’t do anything else, we can at least work at treating one another as human beings and make a small sacrifice for others if and when we are able to do so.

Selfishness is defined as caring only for oneself. Don’t we all want to look back on this time and say that when things got rough we tried our best to help just a little bit? We can wear a simple face covering for short periods of time when we are interacting with others in public, like when we go inside the grocery store or the hardware store. No one is suggesting we wear them 24/7.

All members of our Town Council swore an oath that they would obey the laws of the state of Arizona and the laws of the town of Fountain Hills in Maricopa County. I hope they will honor their oaths and lead by example. The rest of us can be active participants in solving this crisis. Think of our brave police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel who wear pounds of protective gear during our hot Arizona weather when they are out on the front lines working to keep us safe.

Masks reduce exposure to the virus. To help save lives, is wearing our kind of protective gear, a simple face covering, really too much to ask?