Since some residents cannot trust our elected Town Council to make good decisions for the whole town, the Daybreak issue is going to a costly vote. I take this issue very seriously and look forward to casting my vote for what I think is good for the whole town.

First, the entrance to Fountain Hills is not designated as Shea and Palisades. The entrance begins before you see the Eagle Mountain golf course. What you see immediately is condos lining the north side of Shea Blvd. and continuing north on Palisades, not to mention Fry’s grocery store on the south side.

I want to know just what it is that I am asked to vote on. The cut and fill will affect the total completion of the development. I would like the residents to have more opportunities to see a sketch of the proposed completed project before the upcoming vote. Maybe place it in the Community Center so all residents can view it.

I want the vote to be a fair assessment of what we will be getting at completion. I am hoping this will get the juices flowing again and get people thinking about the real issue behind this vote.