Four feet from a doggie bag dispenser this morning at Four Peaks Park, some blind optimist avoided responsibility for their dog. Another person had to clean up their mess so they could continue to live in their dream world when they walk tomorrow.

But, by suggesting that an irresponsible person should address practical issues in the real world, I would become as popular as John Delaney during the second round of Democrat debates. Much better to play along to get along.

And, along those lines, please build an impractical, confusing, oval roundabout near Town Hall for aesthetic reasons. By all means, forget about the effectiveness and clarity gained by using an audible and visible “pelican” style traffic signal which provides for safer two-stage crossing of pedestrians, such as those used in Tucson.

It’s all about people liking and voting for you now, isn’t it? Forget about the real future and grab the gusto.