There are many positive things that I can say about Cindy Couture and why she is a great choice for Town Council. I will simply focus on what she represents that is important to me.

I moved to Fountain Hills because I love the community. Topping the hill on Shea at Palisades with the view of the Valley below just releases all the stress of the day. There are all sorts of wildlife, the Fountain Park is beautiful to walk, there’s a great dog park, and you don’t have to go into Scottsdale for a great meal or evening. You can stay right here.

Cindy knows and understands this because she has owned a home here since 1998, has lived here full-time since 2004, and she has been active in the community in various capacities from the beginning. She shares some of the same concerns and cherishes some of the same things about the town that I do. We need to have a strong economy to take care of our town, but we also need to preserve what makes it the special place that it is.

Cindy has held positions where she was responsible for budgets and financial management as well as managing and supervising people and events. She will work in a non-partisan way to consider every issue that comes before the Council strictly for the benefit and welfare of Fountain Hills and its citizens. She will safeguard our neighborhoods, ensuring property values are protected and that our “smalltown” environment is respected.

Please vote for Cindy Couture for Town Council.