Last week my husband, Boe, wrote a letter in support of Representative David Schweikert. I totally agree with him and want to remind everyone that Representative Schweikert has done an outstanding job representing this Congressional District, the one he knows well and basically grew up in, and has represented in the Arizona Legislature and as County Treasurer.

His opponent does not even live in our District and, as far as I know, has not stated any intent to move into it. As Boe pointed out, although she appears in scrubs in many ads, she has not practiced medicine in a number of years.

I also support and encourage everyone to vote to reelect President Trump. You might not like him personally, but his policies are far better than those of his opponent who has served in the Legislative Branch for years and has almost nothing to show for it besides he is friendly and well liked as a person. What do you know about his policies and plans for the future? If they are so great, why were there not legislative attempts to get those policies passed while he was in the Senate?

Jerry Sheridan is running to replace Paul Penzone as Sheriff. I support our hometown boy here. I recommend a vote for Sheridan.

Last week’s paper had an article about signs being stolen or vandalized. Boe believes himself to be a political enthusiast and clearly shows his support for candidates of our choice by placing signs. I don’t think he can count on both hands and feet the number of his signs that have been vandalized or stolen. He has given up on reporting to MCSO since there is little or nothing that has been done about any of his stolen signs in the past.